As the oldest of three brothers, math major Eduardo Beato loves giving advice to younger people.
“I've always been in the position to teach others and it's something I really enjoy,” says Eduardo. “It is just part of my personality to want to be an example to others.”
So when the UMass Lowell UTeach program was introduced, Eduardo couldn't imagine a better fit. He was given the chance to discover if teaching was right for him by taking classes and teaching in a classroom. He earned a STEM Teaching Minor and received a Massachusetts Initial Teaching License, all this while securing a degree in math, a subject he loves. 
“The best part about UTeach was the opportunity to teach as soon as I started the program,” he says. “Gaining experience in a classroom immediately confirmed for me that teaching was what I wanted as my career.”
The 2014 graduate feels confident as he starts his career as a math teacher at Chelmsford High School. 
He says: “I feel extremely prepared to start my teaching job because of all of the experience I've gained through the UMass Lowell UTeach program. I've been teaching for the past two years and I haven't even started as a full-time teacher.”
He encourages other students to get involved in the UTeach Program because there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.
He says: “If you decide you don't like teaching, then it's fine, you can pursue jobs in an industry related to your major. But if you find that you do enjoy teaching, you can earn your major and get awesome teaching experience, giving you many more career options when you graduate from college."