Edgardo Pomales-Feliciano, who works as a quality control analyst at Genzyme, is an inaugural member in the new Pharmaceutical Science Master's program at UMass Lowell. He felt that the program would give him a powerful advantage in his long-term career.
"My goal is to be a supervisor of a quality control laboratory," says Pomales-Feliciano, who earned his bachelor of science degree from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. "The new Pharmaceutical Sciences program at UMass Lowell had the tools to extend my knowledge and expertise in areas across the industry."
Designed to meet the growing demand for pharmaceutical scientists who discover, develop, test and manufacture life-saving medications, the program welcomed its first class in September 2014. 
Pomales-Feliciano was encouraged to apply to the program by a friend who completed a Master's degree in clinical microbiology at UMass Lowell.  
He says: "I knew that UMass Lowell was one of the best institutions in the United States and once the new program was established, I felt that I should seize the opportunity."
In class, Pomales-Feliciano is studying industry processes, from drug discovery to approval.
"We're diving deep into the study of diseases and disorders that aren't just vital to the next phase of my career, it's also very interesting," he says.