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Donna Lannan

Donna Lannan

Donna Lannan, Physical Therapy

Donna Lannan
“UMass Lowell happens to have one of the best reputations around.”

When physical therapist Donna Lannan volunteered in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, she used every single lesson she learned at UMass Lowell. “In Haiti, you really needed to rely on all of your training and be resourceful in ways you never knew you could be,” she says.

“I was part of a team of medical rehabilitation professionals that got to go and help with some of the more catastrophic injuries,” says Lannan. “It was a wonderful and grounding experience and I was happy to use the training that I got at UMass Lowell.”

The Concord, N.H. native graduated from UMass Lowell’s physical therapy program after deciding to change careers. She chose UMass Lowell for its “affordable program that was within commuting distance to home. It also happened to have one of the best reputations around.”

Lannan praises the program’s emphasis on neurological physical therapy for giving her a real advantage on the job. “There are a lot of programs out there, but UMass Lowell’s program dedicates a lot of time to neurological rehab. I happen to see a lot of neurological rehab patients every day, so I’m really grateful that I trained at UMass Lowell.”