Donald Lampron, Maintenance and Trades, Facilities Department



“The toughest part of the job is keeping up the pace to get projects done on deadline.”

When students are focused on their studies, it’s likely they don’t notice the light bulbs being changed in their dorms, the leaky faucet that’s fixed in a lab, or a fresh coat of paint in a classroom. That’s Don Lampron’s area of expertise.

As the person who manages all of the trades and housekeeping employees for the University, Lampron oversees day-to-day maintenance on campus, where duties range from snow removal, classroom maintenance, plumbing and electricity. “The busiest time of the year for us is surrounding the start of the school year,” he says. 

Lampron was born and raised in Lowell and has been at the University since 1974. He calls his job “a great opportunity” and enjoys the challenges that come his way. “The toughest part of the job is keeping up the pace to get projects done on deadline,” he says.

His thirty-plus years of experience have served the University well and have also developed skills that have helped others in need. For the past five years, Lampron and some local trades people have traveled to Haiti to donate their time and know-how to local orphanages. During his one-week stays, he helps with everything from plumbing and electrical work to installing ceiling fans.

But Lampron is not one to easily accept praise for his work. “God has given us a talent and it’s only right that we utilize these talents to help someone else,” he says. He is already planning his next trip back.