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Dmitrios Booras

Dimitrios Booras

Dimitrios Booras, English and Political Science

Dmitrios Booras
“The archaeological digs were great opportunities to learn outside the classroom.”
For Dimitrios Booras, college learning wasn’t something that took place only in a classroom.

In 2011, Booras traveled to Peru as part of UMass Lowell’s Village Empowerment Project, helping to document the work of students and faculty to bring sustainable energy to some of the region’s poorest communities. A few weeks later he was part of a research team digging trenches and sifting for artifacts at archaeological digs in Lowell and in Northern Ireland that were sponsored by the University’s Center for Irish Partnerships.  

“The archaeological digs in Lowell and Belfast and the Village Empowerment Project in Peru were great opportunities to learn outside the classroom,” says Booras who is a junior with a dual major in English and political science. “These opportunities give you a global education and broaden your views and opinions.”

While he traveled across continents as an undergraduate, Booras grew up in Lowell and wanted to attend college here so he could play an active role in his hometown. On top of his demanding course load he has found time to work on campus at the Center for Arts & Ideas and has written for the Connector, the University’s student newspaper. He was recently appointed an associate board member at the Cultural Organization of Lowell and is a trustee of the 119 Gallery, a local non-profit.

Booras wants to earn a master’s degree through the University’s Economic and Social Development of Regions program and is eyeing a career in urban planning. He says his education at UMass Lowell – both inside and outside of the classroom – has well prepared him to move toward those goals. “The whole experience has been phenomenal,” he says.