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Danielle Bergeron

Danielle Bergeron

Danielle Bergeron, Community Social Psychology

Danielle Bergeron
“The community psychology program gave me a different perspective, a deeper understanding.”
Danielle Bergeron always knew she wanted to be involved with the Chamber of Commerce. She just didn’t expect to be its director in her mid-20s.

“I like interacting with people and mingling at events,” says Bergeron. As the new director of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce, she does a lot of mingling — and a lot of working to make the community an even better place. 

At the Chamber, Bergeron helps businesses grow through events and seminars, such as the free monthly course on using social media. She has instituted “YouTube Day at the Chamber” for businesses and organizations to make their own videos.

“The videos are so good that we’ve started an annual awards program,” she says.

Being young is not a problem. Bergeron encourages students to realize that their opinion is valued, at any age.

“When you have an idea, speak up and people will respect that,” she says. 

Bergeron chose to major in psychology because of a “terrific” teacher at Lowell High School and thinks it is a good basis for many different career choices. She chose UMass Lowell’s community psychology program for her master’s degree.

“I was born and raised in Lowell and my family roots go back generations,” says Bergeron. “The community psychology program gave me a different perspective, a deeper understanding. The diversity of international students in the program is amazing. People come from all over the world to study here and to learn about the unique model of public-private partnerships in the city.”

As an early-career alumna, Bergeron gives back to UMass Lowell with her time and encourages others to do the same.

“Find something you enjoy doing and get involved with that, whether it’s connecting with other alumni at hockey games, serving on a board or speaking with students,” she says.