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Chad Montrie

Chad Montrie, History

Chad Montrie
“The entire city is a classroom.”

For someone who wasn’t born and bred in Lowell, Prof. Chad Montrie has a strong kinship for the Mill City. Montrie, a native of Louisville, Ky., saw the opportunity to work at UMass Lowell as a golden one. “I really can’t see myself anywhere else,” he says.

As a city with strong historical roots, Lowell was well-known to the educator who specializes in labor and environmental history. In Lowell, he saw unlimited learning opportunities right outside his door. “The entire city is a classroom,” says Montrie.

Montrie aims to weave history into as many on-campus lessons as possible. Part of his work at UMass Lowell includes collaborations with other departments on programs such as the “Lowell As Text” course, which provides freshmen the opportunity to explore Lowell’s past.

In addition to the historical advantages that come from working in Lowell, Montrie appreciates the present-day opportunities of the city too. “There is a cultural richness about Lowell that is really appealing, from the different festivals and languages spoken, to the diversity of the student body and community."

Exciting new changes on campus keeps his enthusiasm for UMass Lowell high. “There are some really dynamic, innovative and very well-respected faculty joining the departments here, some of the best people coming out of graduate schools,” says Montrie. “It’s an exciting time as the University evolves.”