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Aleksandra Ward Tugbiyele

Aleksandra Tugbiyele, English

“I am so proud to call Lowell my home and to contribute to my community.”
Aleks Tugbiyele, then Ward, didn’t fall in love with Lowell on her first visit. But after paying more at another college for studies she lost interest in, she transferred to UMass Lowell to get an education she could afford on her own. Her first impression was quickly replaced.

“Graduating from UMass Lowell and living and working in Lowell were not in my original plan,” Tugbiyele says. “What began as a turn in the road turned out to be a life-changing experience.” 

While acclimating to her new school, Tugbiyele got involved on and off campus to get to know her classmates and community.

“I grew to really like the school and the city,” says Tugbiyele. “There were so many exciting, interesting things to do; I don’t think there was any wasted time in my undergraduate career.”

By changing majors from pharmacy to English, she also shifted her future career prospects from a pretty clear path to one with many possibilities.

“When I graduated, there were so many things I could do with my degree and with my extracurricular experience that I really had to think hard about what I wanted to do,” she says. “Thanks to my overall experience at UMass Lowell and help from Career Services, I hit the ground running and was able to land a job relatively quickly, even as the economy started to slow down.”

“UMass Lowell helped me develop my natural inclination to read, write and think critically into marketable skills,” says Tugbiyele. My experience as a student leader helped me to understand the skill set I had that made me a strong one. My desire to work for meaningful causes was nurtured with the work that I did on behalf of organizations I was a part of.”

After working at the United Teen Equality Center, Tugbiyele is now the Development and Communications Coordinator for Acre Family Child Care in downtown Lowell. She is also involved with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Sandbox Leadership Institute, the Lowell Cultural Council and other organizations.

As unexpected as Tugbiyele’s education and career path may have been, she’s happy that an abrupt turn brought her to UMass Lowell and the city.

“I really enjoy my work in Lowell,” she says. “I feel like I was built to do the work that I do.”