Pre-travel Information

Pre-Travel Registry - Terra Dotta

The university is transitioning to an online travel registration system for faculty and staff travel. The travel registry, commonly referred to as the Terra Dotta travel registry, will replace the current paper Pre-Travel Authorization Forms and the Faculty Request for Professional Absence Form. These forms, and therefore registration on the new Travel Registry, is only required for overnight domestic and international travel that is in any way funded by the university. 

Every effort has been made to streamline the Pre-Travel Authorization process for entering and approving travel. By migrating the paper process to an electronic format, registration is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.  

To register your travel, go to  

For Travelers

Registration Instructions - a PDF user guide

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

For Approvers

Directions for approving travel - a PDF user guide

For Administrative Users

Proxy Registration Instructions - a PDF user guide with screen shots for registering travel on behalf of someone else

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Administrative Users (pdf) 

For questions, please contact Rebecca Spanos, Payment Card and Travel Specialist, at