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Expense Reimbursements

Business Expense and Travel Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursement requests for valid business or travel expenses should be done within the Finance Production Travel and Expense Center.

Employee reimbursements are processed every two weeks in conjunction with payroll. The deadline for all submitted and approved reimbursements to be received in Accounts Payable is the Tuesday immediately following the last payroll run.

For additional submission information including a Preparation Checklist and step-by-step job aids, please visit the Electronic Submissions Page.  For additional details on the types of expense submissions, please visit the following pages:

Delegation of Permissions

Please email the Budget Office if you wish to delegate your permissions to create expense reimbursement requests within the Finance Production Travel and Expense Center to another department administrator. Approvals cannot be delegated.

Tax Implications

An employee reimbursement becomes taxable is if it is submitted after 120 days from the date of travel or the date of the purchase for reimbursement.

Missing Receipts

In the rare occasion that a receipt has been lost or cannot be re-generated by the vendor, a missing receipt affidavit (pdf) must accompany the request for reimbursement.