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Tips for Writing the SOW

Tips for Writing the SOW Document

  • Be clear on stating how a deliverable will be deemed acceptable. Lack of clarity can lead to disputes with the Supplier and may result in additional costs to the Customer.
  • Specifically state what is to be delivered, when it shall be delivered and how deliverables shall be evaluated. Lack of specificity on these topics is a primary cause for failure of an SOW.  
  • In the process of writing the SOW, solicit the input and advice of End-Users who will receive and use the product and/or service.
  • Prepare the SOW in terms of the results that are desired and the performance that is expected. 
  • Explain how results or performance will be measured and how acceptance of the product or service will be defined and accomplished.
  • Determine the full range of the requirement. The SOW should be comprehensive.
  • Determine the minimum is required. How little can be performed or delivered and still fulfill the requirement?
  • Review the SOW even if the product or service has been previously purchased. Past requirements may have been modified and new technological solutions to the problem may exist. Additionally, the marketplace may have changed and what was once a specialty product or service may now be commercially available.