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Inventory Coordinator Roles

The primary role of the Inventory Coordinator is to inform the UMass Lowell Property and Asset Management team about changes to inventoried items. Each is tasked with knowing the location, primary user, and condition of University equipment.

Each Inventory Coordinator is responsible for all movable equipment purchases with a cost of $100 - $4,999 (capital and non-capital equipment) within their area of responsibility, and accurate reporting of inventory changes to the Property Coordinator within 5 business days.

Reportable situations include, but are not limited to: a change in property location, a return or trade-ins, an interdepartmental transfer, if property is lost or stolen, or if any Asset Custodian has left university employment. In each case, the proper form needs to be completed. The Property Coordinator, along with Information Technology personnel, will be responsible for ensuring that any device which may contain private or sensitive information is disposed of via the secure asset disposal process governed by the Sanitation and Disposal of Information Resources Policy (IT-5-113), UMass Lowell.

Inventory Coordinators must receive goods through the UMass BuyWays system within 5 days of delivery. This will signal our staff to visit to affix a tag.

The Inventory Coordinator assists the Dean/Director of their area in conducting periodic physical inventories in their departments. The Property Coordinator will schedule and coordinate this effort.

To facilitate this reporting, a complete equipment report will be provided to the Inventory Coordinator on a quarterly basis to ensure the proper listing of equipment in the department.