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ProCard Log Review


On a monthly basis, a selection of cardholders will be asked to submit their ProCard Log for review. Only the ProCard Log will be requested signed by both the cardholder and their supervisor/authorized signatory. Cardholders will not be asked to submit their statement or supporting documentation.

This selection will include, but is not limited to, the following cardholders:

  • New cardholders (for the six months after they have received their card in which they have activity)
  • Cardholders who have been delinquent in the submission of their ProCard Logs as requested
  • A selection of cardholders as designated by the ProCard office
All cardholders will be notified via email from the ProCard office that they have been selected to submit their ProCard Logs for that month. Cardholders must submit their logs by the 15th of the following via email to the ProCard Office or by hard copy to WAN 415. Failure to submit the ProCard Log as requested may result in reduction of cardholder's limits up to suspension or cancellation of the card in accordance with the Consequences of Misuse.