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How to Purchase Goods

The ProCard may be used to purchase consumable commodities and services in person at the supplier site, over the phone, by mail or via the Internet. When making purchases online, please use your discretion in ordering from a reputable site to help ensure the security of the card number. Use of secure websites which begin with "https://" is strongly encouraged.
When placing an order, please be sure to:
  • Request any educational discounts which may be offered by the vendor
  • State that the university is tax exempt and provide the vendor the university's tax-exempt number, printed on the front of your card (See also Tax Exemption)
  • Provide the billing address which is your UMass Lowell address noted on your statement¬†
The ProCard banking system validates each transaction against criteria set by the university and the cardholder. All transactions are approved or declined instantaneously based on the following authorization criteria:
  1. Number of transactions allowed per day (set at 20)
  2. Number of transactions allowed per month (set at 100)
  3. Single purchase limit (splitting of purchases [i.e. dovetails] to avoid the single purchase limit is prohibited)
  4. Monthly credit limit (the monthly billing cycle runs from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the following month). If you require a change in either of your limits, see Limit Increases. 
  5. Approved merchant category code (MCC) which limits the types of approved vendors
  6. Expiration Date
  7. CVV (3-digit security code printed on the back of your card)
  8. PIN (for chip enabled transactions)
Please note: In addition to criteria set with the bank, the university has established a list of Restricted Purchases. It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure that purchases are made for non-restricted items only, regardless of whether the purchase is approved at the point-of sale.