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The university will pay the bank directly for all purchases made with the ProCard and charge the budget assigned to it.

Your card is associated with a single funding source (i.e. fund, department ID and account number), and multiple cards may be associated each funding source. If you need to make purchases from more than one funding source, you may need to obtain an additional ProCard for each.

For cards associated with a project/grant, if that grant number or speed type is revised to reflect an extension, please notify ProCard Services.

Use of the ProCard is restricted to non-appropriated accounts (i.e. trust funds). The ProCard may not be used for purchases against state appropriated accounts; or for any purchases against professional development accounts, which are also state funds, as the accounting procedures required by the state cannot be replicated with the ProCard.

You may view the ProCard charges against your budget by logging into the university’s SUMMIT reporting system.

You may also register online to view your ProCard statements.

It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure that s(he) does not exceed the funds available in the budget assigned to the card.