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Approver Responsibilities

In order to ensure proper oversight of University funds, ProCard Approvers must do the following upon receipt of a ProCard Reconciliation:

  • Review the reconciliation for all necessary items
    • A complete reconciliation consists of the ProCard Log, the Citi statement and all corresponding receipts/backup documentation
    • A separate reconciliation must be prepared for each statement issued by Citi
  • Review the ProCard Log for completion
    • ProCard Logs must contain the date, name of the vendor, Business Purpose, and amount (in USD) for all transactions, and be signed and dated by the ProCard Holder
    • Ensure all transactions listed on the attached statement have been included on the log
    • Ensure the total amount of the log matches the total amount of the statement
  • Review Transactions
    • Ensure the transactions are for a legitimate, business purpose
    • Ensure the transactions comply with university policies
  • Review the receipts/backup documentation
    • Ensure there is a receipt attached for all transactions.¬† ¬†Receipts must be included for all ProCard transactions regardless of the dollar amount.¬† If a receipt is not available, a detailed explanation as to why there is no receipt must be provided on the ProCard Log.
    • Ensure the receipts match the corresponding transactions
    • Ensure that provided receipts are not only the summary receipt of a purchase but provide line item detail of what was purchased
  • Sign and date the ProCard Log in a timely manner

    • ProCard reconciliations must be completed within 30 days of the statement date
    • It is the responsibility of the ProCard Holder to turn in the reconciliations for review in a timely manner
    • ProCard approvers are asked to return the signed reconciliation to the ProCard holder within one week of receipt, if not sooner

If a ProCard reconciliation does not meet the criteria above, please do the following:

  • If a ProCard reconciliation is incomplete, please reach out to the cardholder for the missing items or return the reconciliation to the cardholder for completion
    • Do not sign the ProCard Log until the ProCard reconciliation is complete
  • If a ProCard holder has made any purchases outside of university policy, please contact the ProCard Office so that we may advise on next steps

By signing the ProCard Log, you are verifying that you have completed the steps above and have found that all ProCard activity for the statement falls within university policy and is associated with the budget charged.