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Travel Option


Whether you are utilizing a ProCard or personal funds, when traveling on university business the university strongly encouraged travelers to book through one of our preferred travel agencies: or The Travel Collaborative. Both agencies off negotiated rates on airlines, hotels, and car rentals as well as location services should an emergency disrupt your travels.

Egencia is the preferred online booking tool for domestic flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, and Amtrak. To register for an account on Egencia, please visit the Travel Office website.

The Travel Collaborative is the preferred live-agent booking tool for international and complex domestic travel. To setup a profile, please the Travel Collaborative website.

Additional information regarding the Travel Program may be found on both UMass Lowell's Travel Office website and the UMass President's Travel Program website.


You may use your card for the following university-authorized travel expenses, up to your approved transaction limits. All transactions must be in accordance with the UMass Lowell Travel Policy.

NOTE: Travel may not be allowed on ProCards assigned to Start-Up, Overhead, or Research Funds without prior written approval.

With the Travel Option, your ProCard may be used for:

  • Airlines and other Transportation
  • Auto Rental
    • Insurance Requirements per university and MasterCard policy:
      • Vehicle must be rented in your name + University of Massachusetts
      • Supplemental Liability
        • Decline if renting within Massachusetts
        • Purchase when renting outside of Massachusetts
      • Physical Damage Waiver
        • Decline when paying with a ProCard
        • Purchase when paying by any other means
        • Purchase if renting an excluded vehicle as noted below
      • Additional requirements for coverage by MasterCard:
        • Rental period of no more than 31 consecutive days
        • Rental of vehicles that are designed to accommodate 9 passengers or fewer and are intended for bound surfaces, such as concrete or tarmac
        • Only the ProCard cardholder and those designated in the vehicle rental agreement as authorized drivers are covered
        • Excluded vehicles include trucks, pickups, full size vans mounted on truck chassis, campers, off-road vehicles, and other recreational vehicles
        • Additional information may be found in the MasterCard Guide to Benefits
      • In the event of a loss or accident:
        • Notify the ProCard Office
        • Notify MasterCard by filing a claim at
        • If there is third party damage, also notify the University Treasurer's Office at 774-455-761
    • Refer also to the UMass Treasurer’s Office information on rented vehicles.
  • Parking
  • Hotels and other lodging (the ProCard may not be used for room service, movies, or other services as outlined in the UMass Lowell Travel Policy)
  • Meal Expenses: use of the ProCard is not allowed for a cardholder's meal
    • Meals with a clear business purpose that include attendees from outside the University System are allowed
    • Your monthly reconciliation must include the itemized receipt and per IRS regulations must include the business purpose of the meal and a list of attendees
    • Per Diem requests while traveling must be adjusted according to the Travel Expense Policy (FS-2-105), UMass Lowell.
    • Personal (individual) meals or meals with only UMass colleagues in attendance are not allowed
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed without a documented exception in place.
  • Gasoline (only for university vehicles or rental vehicles; for personal vehicles you must request mileage reimbursement)

You may not use your card for:

  • Cash Advances
  • Gasoline for Personal Vehicles* - mileage will be reimbursed per the established IRS rate
  • Personal Meals*- when traveling, meals for an individual or with only UMass colleagues in attendance will be reimbursed per the established per diem rate

*To obtain reimbursement, please submit a Travel Expense report upon completion of travel.

You should retain copies of any Travel Expense Report that pertain to the same travel dates during which the ProCard had been used.

See Monthly Reconciliation for more information.

The ProCard is to be used for purchases related to university business only. Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited.

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