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The ProCard is a purchasing tool which provides an efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for consumable items and services totaling up to $2,500 and small equipment up to $1,000. It is the preferred method to purchase items not available from the catalog vendors in UMass BuyWays. The ProCard simplifies the purchase and disbursement process by facilitating point-of-demand purchases. Purchasing authority is delegated to the ordering department, thus enabling the authorized cardholder(s) in the department to place an order directly with the supplier.

Use of the ProCard will in no way effect or change the card holder’s personal credit history.

Only university employees may be permitted to receive a ProCard. Each departmental manager must determine if a ProCard is warranted, based upon the purchases one is required to make for university business.

Applying for a ProCard

Apply for a ProCard


You may request a single purchase limit up to $2,500. The ProCard may not be used for equipment purchases greater than $1,000. Travel Option limits may be adjusted according to anticipated need. Please note: Travel may not be allowed on cards linked to Start-Up, Overhead or Research Funds without prior written approval.  Please contact the ProCard Office with any questions prior to applying.

An individual may only receive a card after they have:

  • Submitting a ProCard Application form (with or without Travel Option) which has been completed and signed by the applicant and the responsible budget signatory/immediate supervisor
  • Attending a formal, 45-minute ProCard training session.  Prospective cardholders must be present at cardholder training and may not send a proxy.
  • Signing the Cardholder Agreement Form (pdf)

If you wish to request a temporary increase in your credit limit, you must send an email to the ProCard Office copying your supervisor/ORA Financial Administrator.

If you wish to request a permanent increase to your limit, please submit an Application/Change Form.

Once the new Procard arrives in the ProCard Office, you will be notified of the next scheduled training sessions. You will receive your card at the training. Attending a session is mandatory for new cardholders. They are generally held twice per month in the Wannalancit Business Center at 600 Suffolk Street and last approximately 45 minutes.

The ProCard is to be used for purchases related to university business only. Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited.