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Departments that have purchased goods and services are responsible for verifying and accepting the goods and services they have ordered, resolving disputes, and subsequently authorizing payment. Additional signatory approvals may be required by internal departmental procedures.

Invoices which exceed a certain dollar threshold will need additional signatory approval prior to payment. When such invoices are mailed directly to Accounts Payable by the vendor, they will be scanned and emailed to the UMass BuyWays Requisitioner or Approver for consent to pay the invoice.

In any case where a dispute between the invoice and the purchase order exists, or if the goods and services were not received or otherwise accepted, the department placing the order is responsible for contacting the vendor and/or Purchasing and Strategic Contracting to resolve the issue. 

If the discrepancy is not resolved, the department which placed the order must return the original invoice to the vendor with a written explanation of the reason why the invoice is not being paid and notify/copy Accounts Payable and the Purchasing and Strategic Contracting department.