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Responsible Employees

Responsible Employee Reporting

Responsible reporting employees for potential violations of the guidelines include all supervisors, including: administrators, Police Department employees, Student Affairs including Residence Life employees and all faculty.

Any employee who has the authority to take action to redress sexual violence; who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual violence or any other misconduct by students to the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate school designee; or whom a student could reasonably believe has this authority or duty is considered a responsible employee.

Whether or not a university employee or student is a responsible reporting employee, all members of the university community are encouraged to practice bystander awareness, that is, to take action to end and report possible Title IX violations and possible violations of other Equal Opportunity Guidelines.

If a Responsible Reporting Employee learns of possible sexual violence, he/she should report it to the UMass Lowell Police Department within 24 hours. If not regarding sexual violence, all relevant details should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.

Responsible Reporting Employees must take reasonable proactive steps to become aware of potential incidents, which must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator.

Requests for Confidentiality

For reports not about sexual violence, a request for confidentiality will be considered by the Title IX Coordinator who must weigh the individual’s request for confidentiality with the University’s obligations to investigate and end discriminatory behavior if it is occurring, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects. Confidentiality will be kept to the extent possible while complying with the requirements of state and federal laws. Responsible reporting employees cannot promise confidentiality to the individual reporting a possible violation.

Before a student reveals information that he or she may wish to keep confidential, a responsible employee should make every effort to ensure that the student understands the following:

  1. The Police Department can withhold from the University and the Title IX Coordinator the alleged victim’s name for reports of rape or sexual assault with intent to rape.
  2. The Responsible Reporting Employee must report all relevant details including the names of the alleged victim and perpetrator of sexual violence, as well as relevant facts regarding the alleged incident (including the date, time, and location of the event related to the concern), to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator. This information is needed to determine what occurred and to resolve the situation.
  3. The student has the option to request that the University maintain his or her confidentiality, which the University (e.g., Title IX Coordinator) will consider. The Title IX Coordinator will weigh the University’s responsibility to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment.
  4. The student may share the information confidentially with counseling, advocacy, health, mental health, campus ministers or sexual-assault-related services (e.g., sexual assault resource centers, campus health centers, and campus mental health centers). See a list of such resources (in the Annual Security Report).