Kayla Montanez

Kayla Montanez, Psychology

Orientation Leader


Campus Tour Guide, Diversity Peer Educator & Enrollment Ambassador

Educational Background

Lesley University

Anticipated Year of UMass Lowell Graduation: 2015


Why did you choose UMass Lowell? 
It was affordable, close to home, and I knew it was the up-and-coming state school due to the huge transformation I had seen going on in Lowell over the years. UML is making Lowell an attractive city and I was excited to become a part of the positive transition.

What is your favorite thing about UMass Lowell? 
The welcoming people and faculty that we have at UML is amazing! Also, I enjoy the beautiful campus. Even though I live in Lowell I never feel like I am in Lowell when I am on campus. It is such a green and gorgeous atmosphere!

What is your ideal Saturday? 
 I work at Lowell General Hospital in the cafe so usually I spend my Saturdays working there. If I have the day off I spend my time enjoying my family and friends trying to find something adventurous to do!

Home Town: Lowell, MA