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The UMass Lowell Freshman Orientation Program is required for all students entering the university. It is the only opportunity, you, as an incoming student, will have to meet with an advisor and get the information you need to start your semester. 

Orientation is designed to give you the foundation you need to make a successful start in your student career. You will get a preview of life as an undergraduate and a chance to have your questions answered. Orientation sessions are organized by college and major, so the students you meet at Orientation are the students you will be sitting next to in class. In addition, our Orientation Leaders are current students. They can give you the inside track on campus life, professors, and just about anything. 

Available dates depend on the college you're enrolled in. Select your college to see the date you can attend.

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More Information

Advisors from your college will be available to answer questions, go over details about your major, and talk about what it means to be a UMass Lowell student.
Take a closer look at the classrooms, dining halls, residence halls, libraries, athletic facilities, and the UMass Lowell Recreation Center. Knowing your way around our three main campus areas is essential! We will also help you identify and locate the resources related to your major.
Many services and opportunities are available to you including academic support from "CLASS," counseling and health services, and fitness and sports programs. Campus jobs, leadership training and participation in clubs and organizations all provide ways to get involved and make great use of your time.
Meeting other students, current and entering, makes the campus a much friendlier place. When you start classes and walk around campus, you will find many familiar faces. Lasting friendships very often begin at Orientation.

You have made a great decision in coming to UMass Lowell!