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Green Cleaning Products Will Improve Indoor Air Quality

University Receives GreenGuard Certification

UMass Lowell Image
The new dispensing system for the green cleaning products is expected to reduce waste and save money.

By Karen Angelo

The University’s commitment to ensuring healthy air quality for faculty, staff and students is evident in a recent shift to a line of environmentally green cleaning products.

Associate Director of Building Services T.J. McCarthy explains that after careful consideration, facilities chose the Diversey product line of general purpose, glass, floor and bathroom cleaners because it was certified by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute. The industry-independent organization certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions and provides a free resource for choosing healthy products and materials for indoor environments. 

“With people spending a lot of time inside our buildings, it’s important that we provide a healthy place for everyone to learn and work,” says McCarthy. 

After switching to the Diversey products and participating in training sessions, UMass Lowell received the GreenGuard Healthy High Performance Cleaning Certified Provider recognition, the first university in New England to do so. 

“Company representatives put us through a 360-degree view of examining our process beyond just the products that we selected,” says McCarthy. “We learned about special application tools like microfiber, tips to prevent dirt from entering buildings, and best practices for applying the cleaners.” 

In each of the custodial closets, a new dispensing system was installed to properly measure the amount of solution for each cleaning procedure. This system is expected to reduce waste and save money.