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PT Students Win Regional ‘College Bowl’

Exercise Physiology Majors Will Compete Nationally

College Bowl winners
Cynthia Ferrara with exercise physiology senior students Allison Fahey, Hollie Letendre and Harrison Sullivan.

By Karen Angelo

The goal was just to have fun. But UMass Lowell exercise physiology students went above and beyond as they toppled 14 New England colleges, including Springfield College, the University of New Hampshire and UMass Amherst in a quiz-show type competition.

“We figured out at the end of the first round that we were in second place and that's when we got really excited,” says Hollie Letendre, a senior exercise physiology student. “We realized we had a chance to win and we started making our wagers more carefully. We were so excited to win.”

This is the fourth time that UMass Lowell students competed in the Annual New England American College of Sports Medicine College Bowl competition and the second time they won the regional competition. It’s set up like the Jeopardy quiz show, testing the knowledge of undergraduate students on physiology, anatomy and pathology.
Fifteen students from the junior and senior classes attended the regional meeting in Providence, R.I., and then cheered on their classmates as they competed. 
The student team of Allison Fahey, Hollie Letendre and Harrison Sullivan, coached by Assoc. Prof. Cynthia Ferrara, dug deep to remember concepts from three years ago but found that working as a team made all the difference.

“It was a great way to work with students in my major who I had not previously interacted with very much. We really came together as a team, each being able to remember certain facts that stuck with us during our undergraduate studies,” says Letendre.

The next stop is San Francisco in May. The students will participate in the national meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. 

“This is a great opportunity for our students to learn from leading researchers and experts in sports medicine and exercise physiology at a national meeting and to compete in the College Bowl,” says Ferrara. “Their education at UMass Lowell prepared them well and the department faculty are proud of them regardless of the outcome in May,” says Ferrara.