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Meet Emma Romeu!

Adjunct Professor Joins Cultural Studies

Emma Romeu brings a wide range of interests and expertise to her new position in Cultural Studies.

By Sheila Eppolito

Emma Romeu is a famous Cuban writer and nationalized Mexican citizen who has joined the cultural studies faculty this semester. We spent time getting to know her.

Q. Your background is impressive. Would you describe it?

Well, I’ve studied many disciplines, including geography and oceanography, and am a trained journalist. I’ve lived in five different countries and am excited to experience Lowell. I’ve written articles about whales, jaguars, flamingos, butterflies, bats and snails in National Geographic and many other publications.

Q. You’re a published book author, too, right?

Yes. I’ve written “Los Dioses Tosen,” a book of environmental reports, and 14 children’s books. Some of them are novels of adventure.

Q. When did you leave Cuba? What was that like?

I left Cuba 20 years ago. It was hard to start again. My island was so tiny in comparison with these continental lands! But, having different experiences is part of life.

Q. What courses are you teaching?

I am teaching Spanish language and culture during the fall, and next semester I will be teaching one course related to literary creation.