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Standout Student Supported

Grants Fund Conference Attendance

UMass Lowell student Jennifer Castaño
“I look forward to joining so many inspiring women at the AAUW conference this summer,” says criminal justice major Jennifer Castaño.

By Sheila Eppolito

Jennifer Castaño, a Commonwealth Honors Program student and criminal justice major, was selected to receive a grant from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to attend a conference in Maryland this summer.

Castaño received $500 from the Bedford/Lexington chapter of the AAUW with the help of the Center for Women and Work, and a matching $500 grant from the Honors Program, making it possible for her to join other college women to address important contemporary leadership issues.

Castaño, who is Colombian but was born in the United States, says she is especially interested in discussing how leaders of different backgrounds can work together on common goals.

“Living in the United States, a country defined by multiculturalism and immigration, it is interesting to me how as human beings, we are able to share a common goal and aspire to pursue something greater,” she says. “As an American and Colombian citizen, I hope to help individuals realize their dreams in a lawful manner.”

The AAUW conference provides an opportunity for networking with other future leaders, participation in panel discussions and lectures by world-renowned educators, writers and activists.