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UMass Lowell No. 1 in Mass. in Starting Salaries, Says

University Tops Again in New England Grads’ Mid-Career Salaries

UMass Lowell alumna Lisa Brothers

By Christine Gillette

For the second year in a row, a national survey says UMass Lowell graduates earn the highest average mid-career salary of all public colleges and universities in New England.

UMass Lowell also ranked No. 1 in starting salaries among Massachusetts public institutions.’s national survey of graduates with bachelor’s degrees found that the median mid-career salary for UMass Lowell is $91,000, the highest of any public institution in New England. The starting salary is $47,600, the survey found.

In the mid-career salary category, UMass Lowell placed No. 106 nationally among both private and public institutions, up from No. 124 last year, in the ranking of more than 900 colleges and universities around the country.

“UMass Lowell students are well educated and fully prepared to embark on a career after graduation,” said UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan. “This survey once again demonstrates the value of a UMass Lowell degree, as our graduates are earning more than many of their peers who paid twice as much to attend private institutions.”

“My UMass Lowell degree is invaluable to me. I would not be an engineer if it weren’t for UMass Lowell and if I weren’t an engineer, I wouldn’t have the career or salary that I currently have,” said Lisa Brothers ’84, vice president and chief operating officer of Boston-based Nitsch Engineering, one of the largest firms of its kind in Massachusetts. Brothers, who lives in Wilmington, is the president of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts.

Other institutions with mid-career salaries in the same range as UMass Lowell include UCLA, Northwestern University, Miami University and the College of William and Mary, the survey found. UMass Lowell ranked higher than many other institutions including Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, Ithaca College, Emory University and Northeastern University.

Other institutions with similar starting salaries include Clemson University, University of Miami, Franklin & Marshall College, Adelphi University and Brigham Young University, according to UMass Lowell outranked institutions including Middlebury College, Syracuse University, Marquette University, Baylor University and the College of the Holy Cross in that category.