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Luring Tourists Underground

Paris Subway Campaign Features Minkkinen’s Photos

Arno Minkkinen’s work is shown in a Paris Metro station – one of many installations throughout the city.

By Sheila Eppolito

His photographs are displayed in galleries around the world –including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, The Canadian National Gallery, Helisinki’s Museum of Contemporary Art Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and in the Finnish Pavilion of the Shanghai World’s Fair. 

But for Art Prof. Arno Minkkinen, displaying work in the Paris underground – on billboards throughout the city’s Metro stations – is a first.

“The Finnish Tourist Board contacted me to ask if I would let them use my work in their efforts to boost tourism from France,” says Minkkinen.

The images – displayed in high-traffic metro stations and on billboards throughout the city – share the beauty of Finland with minimal supporting text, letting the photographs tell the story.

“The copy on the ads simply lists the number of islands and lakes in Finland, the name of the work, my name and the tagline ‘Visit Finland,’ allowing the image to speak for itself,” says Minkkinen.

In describing his new exhibit venue, he says, “This has been, by far, the most wonderful and unusual display of my work – to be able to promote my homeland in one of my favorite cities. … Wow! Magnifique!”

Paris Metro billboards
Parisian Metro riders can enjoy Arno Minkkinen’s work in stations throughout the city.