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Jim Jeffers: Take 52

Weekly Video Performance Art Exhibited

By Sheila Eppolito

Each and every week in 2010, Asst. Prof. Jim Jeffers captured art through video. The subjects ranged from timely, including “Crude” about the oil spill, to personal, like “A Death in the Family” about the loss of a pet rabbit.

The exhibit, called “Jim Jeffers’ Fortress of Multitude” features a wide variety of media including performance, video, sound, drawing, sculpture, crochet, animal training, travelling, poetry and the Internet, to name a few.

“I was inspired by Dick Higgins, a Fluxus artist, who used the term ‘intermedia’ to capture art and artists whose work was not circumscribed by traditional or conventional media like drawing and painting,” says Jeffers.

Jeffers is visually present in all but two of the videos from the exhibit, which opens at MEME Gallery on Feb. 4, and includes all 52 videos playing on 13 channels on various devices. During the exhibit, the video performance pieces will be available on the internet at

“The video performances explore a personal relationship with culture through a psychoactive lens, reflecting on current events both global and personal, complex and childlike,” describes Jeffers.

Jeffers’ work will be exhibited from Feb. 1-7 at the MEME Gallery, 55 Norfolk St., Cambridge.