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UMass Lowell: A Thousand Rivers Run Through It

Photos Celebrate University Unity

By Sheila Eppolito

Some see the Merrimack River running between the University’s North and South campuses as divisive, but Art Prof. Arno Minkkinen has the opposite opinion. He views the river as a unifying force, complementing the diverse people, disciplines and experiences offered by the University.

It’s this sentiment that led to his exhibit, called “UMass Lowell: A Thousand Rivers Run Through It,” showing at the Dugan Student Gallery through Oct. 14.

Minkkinen developed the idea for the show last year, while he was attending a meeting about the University’s strategic plan. “There was a discussion about the University’s campuses and the physical separation of the arts and humanities from the sciences. While some felt these factors divide us, I believe the diversity of the campuses, people and disciplines all work together to create a rich, full experience for the students, faculty and staff who spend time here.”

Together with student curator Derek Matias, president of the Lowell Friends of Photography, Minkkinen chose 38 photos that represent a cross-section of current students and alumni photographers.  Gallery Coordinator Michele Gagnon assisted with the installation.

Students photographers submitted a variety of images for an installation devoted to the diverse people and places at UMass Lowell. From left, front: Duy Hoang, Austin Rigg, Prof. Arno Minkkinen. From left, back: Jose Amado, Charlotte Chhoeun, Giovanna Aviles, Kimberly Regan, Christina Hodgkins.