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Gartner Named Emeritus Member of Traffic Committee

Organization Is Part of National Academy of Sciences

Nathan Gartner


Edwin L. Aguirre

Prof. Nathan Gartner of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has recently been named the first emeritus member of the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (TFTC). He remains an active contributing member of the TFTC, which is a standing committee of the National Academy of Sciences’ Transportation Research Board (TRB).

“This category of committee membership recognizes outstanding individuals who have participated as members of the Technical Activities Division committee structure, have volunteered and shown their dedication to the TRB standing committees and have made significant contributions to these committees over a sustained period of time,” says Robert Bertini, TFTC committee chair.

Gartner has done extensive research on traffic flow models and transportation systems, with special concentration on urban traffic control strategies and transportation network analysis - fields in which he is widely published and internationally recognized.

He has served as member of the TFTC for 34 years, chair for nine years, chair of the Paper Review Subcommittee for six years and has led efforts to internationalize the committee. He also authored 23 papers published in the Transportation Research Record and was editor of the revised Traffic Flow Theory Monograph.