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Know Your Power ߞ; Step in, Speak up, as a Bystander You Can Make a Difference

Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign Kicks Off Feb. 16

"Know Your Power" is the theme of the sexual violence prevention campaign.


Starting Feb. 16 and continuing through March 25, you will notice posters, bookmarks and other images around campus from the Know Your PowerTM  campaign. Take a look at these posters and talk about them with your friends and other students. The posters and the website show steps you can take to prevent sexual violence and keep our campus safe --- by identifying and labeling sexual violence and by helping your friends and others avoid violence and find assistance.

You will find more information and resources at

FREE bookmarks are available for all students, faculty and staff in the libraries and campus bookstores. In addition all freshmen, please get your FREE Know Your PowerTM BACKSACKS! These are being distributed in the residence halls. (Commuter Freshmen: watch for an e-mail with information on when and where you can pick up your FREE Know Your PowerTM backsacks!)

This program is a collaborative project with the University of New Hampshire, in cooperation of the UMass Lowell Office of the Dean of Students, and funding to our department from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For more information, please contact Prof.  978-934-4118; Prof. 978-934-4626; or, 978-934-4117.