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Breakthrough Technologies Showcased at Tripathy Symposium

Speakers Share Latest Research to Honor Colleague’s Memory

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UMass Lowell honored one of its foremost researchers, the late Prof. Sukant K. Tripathy, with the Tripathy Annual Memorial Symposium on Dec. 5 at Wannalancit Mills.

The one-day gathering, normally held on the Friday following Thanksgiving week to coincide with the fall meeting of the Materials Research Society in Boston, highlights the latest research trends and advances in polymer materials science being conducted by academia and industry across the country.

The symposium included presentations by invited speakers who are accomplished experts in their fields. This year’s topics ranged from ink-jet printing of sensors and stem cells to surgical biomaterials and solid-state organic photovoltaic cells.

The group photo above shows the speakers along with the symposium’s organizers. In the front row are, from left, Thomas Jozefiak of Genzyme Corp.; Jeong-Ok Lim of Kyungpook National University School of Medicine, South Korea; Dhandapani Venkataraman of UMass Amherst; Peggy Cebe of Tufts University; Mrinal Thakur of Auburn University; Lynne Samuelson of the Army Natick Soldier RDEC; Russell Gaudiana of Konarka Technologies; and Prof. Jayant Kumar, director of the Center for Advanced Materials, which sponsored the event. In the back row are Paul Calvert of UMass Dartmouth; Wen-Bin Lin of the University of North Carolina; Prof. Daniel Sandman of the CAM and Ashok Cholli of Polnox Corp.

More than 30 posters were presented by student researchers and post-doctoral fellows during the symposium. Among them was a study coauthored by Tripathy’s daughter, Sheila. Following in the footsteps of her late father, she and her colleagues at the Center conducted research on an eco-friendly way of synthesizing resveratrol, a chemical compound extracted from horseradish peroxidase that has shown potential in fighting cancer, oxidation, aging and inflammation. Sheila was in Australia at the time of the symposium, but Tripathy’s widow, Susan, was on hand for the opening ceremony.

All the papers presented will be published in a special issue of the “Journal of Macromolecular Science.”

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Soumitra Satapathi of the Physics Department and the Center for Advanced Materials talks about his team’s work on an environmentally benign way of synthesizing resveratrol oligomers.
Sanjaykumar Patel of the Department of Chemical Engineering’s Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Program explains his poster on the synthesis and characterization of special copolymers for neuronal cell growth.