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Terrorism Expert Speaks on Campus

Dr. Moulder Talks About Threat from Radiation Exposure

John Moulder

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Dr. John Moulder, director of the Center for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiological Terrorism at the Medical College of Wisconsin, recently spoke to UMass Lowell faculty and students at a seminar sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences.

The program is especially timely in light of a recent report by a Congressional bipartisan panel on the prevention of terrorism that concludes the U.S. could experience a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weapons by 2013.

In presenting the findings of his research, Dr. Moulder stated that biomedical studies are under way on how to cope with the aftermath of such an attack. However, he did admit that at the moment, the country is not yet prepared to deal with catastrophes on a massive scale.  

According to Prof. Susan Braunhut of the Biological Sciences Department, Dr. Moulder is interested in collaborating with the University on a five-year project funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Center for Excellence.

“Because we are one of the few institutions with a research nuclear reactor, we will be testing all the candidate drugs to prove they are effective after a radiation exposure,” she says.

- Edwin_Aguirre