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TD Banknorth Garden Exhibits Jones Paintings

‘Profiles of a Sports Artist’ Runs Through March 2010

Prof. Michael Jones is seen with his painting of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps on the cover of the catalogue accompanying Jones’s TD Banknorth Garden exhibition.

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Paintings by Michael E. Jones, professor, judge and athlete, are on exhibit at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston.

Titled, “Judge Michael E. Jones: Profiles of a Sports Artist,” the exhibition, which consists of a range of athletes and athletic events, runs through March of next year.

In a catalogue accompanying the exhibition, Sara Zela, manager of Phillips Exeter Academy’s Lamont Gallery, writes, “Although Michael does not fall under any specific style, you can see the German expressionism and modern influences.”

Richard A. Johnson, curator of The Sports Museum, writes, “Stand close to his paintings and you will undoubtedly inhale the faint scent of swimming pool chlorine and hard won sweat. His work proclaims values that are both personal and universal.”

Jones himself says the works in the exhibition “may be viewed less as ‘representations’ and more as ‘texts’ in which the visual objects (a particular model, a particular theme, a particular award) concede to my larger sense or understanding of them. In a painterly manner, I have sought to tell stories.”

In addition to being a professor of legal studies, Jones is a triathlete, author, painter and a district court judge in New Hampshire.

- John_McDonough