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Charmchi’s Research to Be Published in Journal

Paper Presented at Abu Dhabi Conference

Prof. Majid Charmchi, center, poses with graduate students from Australia during a conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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A paper delivered by Dr. Majid Charmchi, professor of mechanical engineering and director of the University’s Heat Transfer Laboratory, and his colleagues at a recent international conference has been chosen for publication in the Journal of Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing.

The paper, entitled “Numerical Investigation of Melting in the Presence of Electromagnetic Fields ߞ; A Simulation of Low Gravity Environment on Earth and Melting Enhancement via Artificial Gravity in Space,” was presented by Charmchi at the fourth International Conference on Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications (ICTEA) held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Charmchi’s colleagues include researchers from the University of Rhode Island, Tokyo Metropolitan University and Raytheon Company’s Integrated Defense Systems.

The presented paper was based on a NASA-funded research project, performed jointly at UMass Lowell and URI, where melting and solidification of gallium material under simulated low-gravity environment was investigated. Later, they explored the application of electromagnetic (Lorentz) forces to produce artificial gravity in space and therefore enhance the convective flows ߞ; an important factor in energy storage in space stations.

The ICTEA, organized by Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and UAE’s Petroleum Institute, highlighted emerging research trends in thermal and energy engineering.

Charmchi has also been invited to be a member of the scientific committee for the first International Conference on Computational Methods for Energy Engineering and Environment in Sousse, Tunisia, in November. The conference will discuss the development of new computational methods and their applications in energy engineering and the environment.

- Edwin_Aguirre