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Journal Examines Connection Between Abuse and Delinquency

Prof. Williams Co-Edits Magazine

Linda Williams

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Prof. Linda Williams of the Criminal Justice Department is co-editor of the current special issue of the SAGE publication “Child Maltreatment,” which examines some of the factors connecting child maltreatment to delinquent behavior in adolescence.

Studies have shown that abused or neglected children are more likely to be arrested for delinquency and violent crimes ߝ both as juveniles and as adults. They also commit more offenses and are younger when first arrested.

The special issue examines the following questions: How closely is the abuse connected to the delinquency? Is the type of abuse or neglect related to the type of crime? How should professionals respond?

In the magazine’s introduction, Williams and co-editor Veronica M. Herrera write that the articles in the publication make it clear that “we need to modify the way we respond to child maltreatment if we hope to reduce the likelihood of violence in adolescence.”

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