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SLICE Faculty Recognized

Meehan Presents Award Certificates

By For more information, contact or 978-934-3224

Chancellor Marty Meehan recently awarded certificates of recognition to faculty members who, with the help of National Science Foundation grants, have contributed to the SLICE (Service-Learning Integrated throughout the College of Engineering) program. With Meehan below is Prof. John Duffy, left, of the Mechanical Engineering Department. John Duffy of the Mechanical Engineering Department, together with other SLICE faculty, has included service learning in one or more undergraduate courses every semester since Fall 2004. Service learning is a hands-on educational approach in which students achieve academic objectives in a credit-bearing course by meeting real community needs.

For more information, visit the SLICE website. For a gallery of photos from the event, visit UML's photo gallery.

John Duffy and Chancellor Marty Meehan