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Salameh Invited to International Conference in Japan

Co-Chairs Session on Hybrid Energy

Ziyad Salameh

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Prof. Ziyad Salameh of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was recently invited to chair a session at the 17th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference in Fukuoka, Japan.

“We are well aware of [Prof. Salameh’s] tremendous work and contributions as a researcher and an expert in the field of photovoltaic science and engineering,” wrote program committee chairman Hiroaki Okamoto of Osaka University in his invitation letter.

Salameh, who is co-director of UMass Lowell’s Center for Electric Cars and Energy Conversion, co-chaired the session on “Grid-Connected Systems and Hybrid Systems” with Prof. Kosuke Kurokawa of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

“The session went very well,” says Salameh. “There were five papers presented, each followed by lively discussions. The session hall was packed with about 100 participants.”

In addition, Salameh and one of his doctoral students, Ambrios Cultura II, presented in another session a joint paper on the 10.56-kilowatt photovoltaic system atop UML’s Engineering Building.

The December conference, which drew about 1,700 attendees from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, was co-organized by the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan and the Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute. About 600 papers and more than 40 oral and poster presentations were given during the five-day meeting.