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Faculty, Students Present at Blood Bank Meeting

Shortage of Clinical Lab Scientists Addressed

Participants in the recent Massachusetts Association for Blood Banks meeting included, from left, UML students Aaron Stella, Andrea Graham, Ching-Ju Lu and Mai Drew, UML professional technologist Donna Rogers, UML student Emily Renee, Prof. Kay Doyle, MABB keynote speaker Dr. Denise Harmening and UML student Arthur McGee.

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Prof. Kay Doyle presented "Clinical Laboratory Scientist Shortage - What You Can Do About It" at the Massachusetts Association for Blood Banks (MABB) meeting in April in Westford.

Seventy to eighty percent of a physician's diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring depend on accurate, precise medical laboratory test results. Ironically, there are current and projected shortages in qualified medical laboratory personnel, and a significant decrease ߝ a 71 percent decrease since the 1970s ߝ in accredited baccalaureate programs in Massachusetts and across the country.

Doyle encouraged current practitioners to partner with educational programs to increase public awareness of this critical medical profession and to boost student recruitment.
Six senior clinical laboratory science/medical technology students presented research posters at the same meeting. Lowell native Emily Rene’s presentation on Transfusion Related Lung Injury received the award for the best student poster presentation.  

Other student participants were Andrea Graham on cord blood storage and transfusion, Aaron Stella on enzyme converted type blood, Arthur McGee on artificial blood and blood products, Mai Drew on intrauterine transfusion and Ching-Ju Lu on West Nile Virus.