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Med Tech Student Honored with Scholarship

Foundation Gives $2,500 Award

Medical Technology senior Arthur McGee

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Arthur McGee is an unusual student.

He has nearly completed a BS in medical technology ߝ a demanding, science-oriented major that he describes as “a mini med school.”

He already has a BS in biology, from UMass Dartmouth. And he has work experience, working in the lab of the MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham.

The Nashoba Valley Community Healthcare Education Fund, part of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, recognized and honored McGee with a $2,500 scholarship for non-traditional students. McGee was nominated by the School of Health and Environment (SHE) for the award.

Working in the hospital laboratory led to McGee’s interest in medical testing and the analytical process. The MetroWest staff put him in touch with UMass Lowell’s program, one of a handful of medical technology programs in the state.

“Anyone interested in medicine should consider medical technology,” says McGee. “The analytical work is critical to diagnosis and patient care. And the small work force offers opportunities for leadership.” After graduation, McGee will return to MetroWest.