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Salameh Adds Photovoltaics to Ball Hall

MTC Gives Renewable Energy Grant

Ziyad Salameh shows the PV array funded by an MTC grant.

By For more information, contact or 978-934-3224

Prof. Ziyad Salameh of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has received a $50,000 grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC). Awarded through the MTC’s Renewable Energy Trust, it funded the installation of photovoltaic arrays producing up to 10.5 kilowatts (kw) of power from the sun.

“On a sunny day, it can generate more than 120 kilowatt hours (kwh),” says Salameh. “On a cloudy day, it’s at least 20 kwh. It all enters the University power grid, but the important uses are for education and research.”

The new arrays bring the total photovoltaics on the roof of Ball Hall to 13 kw. Add the 2.3 kw generated by the three wind turbines (300w, 500w and 1,500w), also on Ball, and the total renewable energy capacity is 15.3 kw, or enough to light 382 light bulbs.