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Faculty, Students Lead 'Healthy' Workshops

Lowell Residents Learn Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Physical therapy students ran workshops for the community.

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An old truism ߝ If you want to learn something, try teaching it ߝ still works pretty well, according to faculty and students of the School of Health and Environment.

Deirdre Murphy, assistant professor of physical therapy, coordinated with the Lowell Adult Education Center to conduct their second annual Healthy Mind and Healthy Body education series this spring. More than 200 adult learners attended the workshops that presented information about nutrition, stress, anxiety and depression, as well as stress-reducing techniques and exercise. Five UML students made the presentations and led the workshops: Kathy Kotlarz, Jessica Vincent, Penelope Dillon, Amy Linstrom and David Thu.

Asst. Prof. Betty Morgan, of the Nursing Department, and Liz Goodrow, clinical nutrition coordinator for the Center for Health and Disease Research, helped Murphy in guiding and supporting the student instructors.

Each year, the Adult Education Center graduates more than 475 adults with high school credentials, while more than 650 adults earn English competency certificates. Access to the Center’s clients provides faculty and students with a deeper understanding of health and social issues among groups that are diverse in language, race, culture, age, literacy and experience.