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Mil’shtein Wins $40k MTTC Award

Grant Helps Commercialize Technology

Prof. Sam Mil'shtein

By For more information, contact or 978-934-3224

New technology to improve the performance of transistors has gained support from the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC). A $40,000 Innovation Award goes to Prof. Sam Mil’shtein of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department to help commercialize the technology. The MTTC issues only 10 such awards in each semi-annual cycle from more than 60 applicants, and $40,000 is the maximum grant.

Mil’shtein, working with Visiting Asst. Prof. Beebe Nelson from the College of Management, had received a small exploratory award to investigate the semiconductor electronic market, leading to the recent grant. Technical development of the new transistor design method was conducted by two doctoral students working with Mil’shtein, J. Palma and C. Liessner. The research investigates the design and fabrication of quantum electronic transistors using a tailored field.

Says Mil’shtein, “The essence of this novel method could be simply phrased as follows. Properly shaping the electrical field profile along the channel of a transistor allows better control of the flux of electrons through a device. That in turn leads to improved performance of electronic circuits. Operational frequency and power are both higher, the breakdown voltage increases, gain (amplification) is almost constant and linearity gets better.”