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Green Chemistry Research Wins ‘Best Paper’

Society of Cosmetic Chemists Gives Award

Dr. Amy S. Cannon

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Researchers and students in the Center for Green Chemistry presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC). The paper ߝ “Water Soluble Photocrosslinking Materials in Cosmetics” ߝ was judged the best paper presented.

The new technology is inspired by biological processes and extrapolated for commercial use. The polymer system could replace hair perming and dying with benign, water-soluble substances.

The award comes with a $2,500 cash prize and will be presented at the annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase of the SCC in New York in December.

Adjunct Prof. Amy Cannon made the presentation. Other authors were Prof. John Warner, director of the Center; Dr. Kei Saito, research scientist; Dr. Sofia Trakhtenberg, research scientist; and student Justin Whitfield.

Cannon also has been asked to speak at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore in October about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ߝ a coalition calling for the elimination of potentially toxic chemicals used in the beauty industry.

“I am so very proud that our work is being recognized by both the environmental activist community and the industrial trade organizations,” says Warner. “This is the whole point of green chemistry!”