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Green Chemistry Doctoral Degree Option Approved

Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Plastics Engineering Options Added

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The UMass Lowell Faculty Senate recently approved a Ph.D. option for Green Chemistry within the Chemistry Department.

Green chemistry propounds a set of principles to reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products. The Environmental Protection Agency promotes and supports research in green chemistry, and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2005 cited the work as a step forward for green chemistry.

The Senate also approved a new concentration of Entrepreneurship within the Bachelor’s of Business Administration, responding, in part, to interest from prospective students and transfer students. Faculty are developing a capstone course that will link undergraduate students in the program with scientists on campus and companies involved with the University’s Commercial Venture and Intellectual Property group.

Undergraduate degree options in Criminal Justice were expanded with the following concentrations approved ߝ Police, Crime and Community, Corrections, Violence, Research and Evaluation, Information and Technology, and Homeland Security.

A new graduate certificate in Engineering was approved: Commercial Development for Plastics Engineers.