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Bruce,  Namm Help in Museum of Science  Program

‘Body World 2' Exhibit Explores Human Anatomy

Prof. Alease Bruce

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Profs. Alease Bruce and Ted Namm of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences took part recently in a Boston Museum of Science program called “Body World 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies.”

Bruce gave a talk, “Bodies and Bones,” which was part of a high school science series for students in grades 9 through 12.  Her presentation concerned bones of the living and the dead, and touched on careers that deal with the study or analysis of bones and their disorders. Following the talk, the students explored the exhibition of real human bodies, which were preserved using a process called “plastination.”

Namm says he was a “professional guest educator” at the special exhibition.
 “I interacted with the visitors, showing them real bones from owl pellets (regurgitated from a digested mouse), using microscope projection. These bones were then compared with human bones, and related to the muscles that those bones move. In addition, we showed the visitors high resolution ultrasound of bones in the human arm.

“Visitors were thus treated to a ‘comparative anatomical display’ that they could use as they toured the rest of the exhibition.”

Prof. Ted Namm