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UML Professors Explore Program To Train Saudi Arabian Youth

Kingdom Needs Skilled Workers in Plastics Industry

Profs. Steve Driscoll and Nick Schott, seated, second and third from left, spent 10 days in Saudi Arabia this spring exploring a plan to establish a plastics training program for the kingdom’s youth.

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Profs. Nick Schott and Stephen Driscoll spent 10 days in Saudi Arabia this spring exploring the establishment of plastics training on three levels ߝ operator, technician and engineer ߝ for the youth of the kingdom.

The plastics engineering professors were invited by DevCorp. International, a venture capital company.

Schott explains that about 60 percent of the population is under 20 years of age and is in need of education and skill sets.

“Since the country is rich in oil and has an extensive plastics resins industrial base, it is only natural that the kingdom can expand the plastics conversion industry to put their young people to work,” he says.

Saudi Arabia now has about five million guest workers, some being Raytheon employees, because the native population lacks the necessary skills to hold those jobs.

A proposal for training will be formulated this summer. Some visitors from DevCorp and Saudi Arabia are expected to visit the Lowell campus to meet with the administration and with Raytheon to move the project forward.