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Prof. Robert Peirent Dies Dec. 20 Following an Extended Illness

Chemistry Professor Served in the Pacific in World War II

Robert J. Peirent

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Prof. Robert J. Peirent, 84, a Lowell faculty member for nearly 40 years, died at Saints Memorial Medical Center in Lowell on Dec. 20 following an extended illness.

A Lowell native, he volunteered for duty in World War II and served as a flight engineer in a B-29 bomber unit based on Tinian Island in the Pacific.

Following the war, he earned a bachelor’s degree from the Lowell Textile Institute and, upon graduation in 1949, was appointed an instructor at the school. He became an assistant professor in 1954, an associate professor 10 years later and, in 1970, was promoted to full professor.

He was a member of the chemistry faculty before his retirement in 1988, having served as supervisor of the freshman chemistry lab for 15 years.