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Prasad Honored at ASEE Conference

Named Outstanding Campus Representative

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Engineering Prof. Kanti Prasad was named “outstanding campus representative” for Zone 1 at this year’s American Society for Engineering Education conference held in Portland, Oregon in June.

Over 3000 attendees were present at the conference, Prof. Prasad reported, at which he also presented a paper: “A Case Study of Eradicating Weakness in Accreditation Owing to Vital Role Played by Industrial and Government Leaders in Academia.”

Among those present at the conference was UMass President Dr. Jack Wilson, who delivered a lecture on the subject, “Creating New Learning Environments for Engineering Education: How Educational Research Drives Change.” Dr. Wilson, who was also in attendance at the awards banquet at the Oregon Convention Center, where he took the opportunity to personally congratulate Dr. Prasad on behalf of the University.